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We are the only cannabis nursery in San Diego offering authenticity verified marijuana genetics. The strains we offer were and continue to be collected from the most established, well-known Int'l seedbanks and later flower verified in-house to ensure authenticity.

Phenotypes which exhibit the highest yield and easiest growing experience are selected and preserved for medical marijuana patients in San Diego. If you are cultivating marijuana to treat a medical condition, ask one of our Reps what strains are best suited to your needs.


The best way to find out if a grower is providing authentic clones is to ask lots and lots of questions. If the person providing you San Diego clones is unable to answer all your questions with patience & compassion; stay away. The process of cloning is very simple, so the grower you're speaking to should be very happy to answer specific questions about the cloning methods used.

It's important to remember that there is no such thing as cheap San Diego marijuana clones. People that buy San Diego clones from Craigslist, Budtrader or other miscellaneous 420 websites are taking a lot of additional risks. The average garden is 12 - 24 marijuana plants and trying to save a couple dollars per clone makes absolute no sense when considering the overall increased value of each harvest.


Most indoor growers choose between 3 to 4 harvests a year. The average yield for San Diego cannabis patients harvesting 3 times a year is 3oz - 4oz each plant. For 3 month harvest cycles, yields generally range from 1oz - 2oz per plant, sometimes more depending on the strain type and growing conditions. Marijuana teens are very popular for growers looking to save time or cultivating outside.

Our collective offers the most compassionate marijuana services in San Diego. We've enjoyed longevity providing authenticity verified San Diego clones to patients since 2009 by offering as many discounts as possible for new members. The Strainbank wants to earn your trust and build a relationship with each member.